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Protection, Preservation, and Care


Thank you for your interest in Stamps Are Art.

The posts, resources, and discussion here are intended to educate and inform you as a collector of rare stamps, baseball cards, comics, and art of the dangers that you may be exposing your collections to.

Among these dangers lurk paper, plastic, light, and humidity, which I sometime refer to as the 4P’s (Paper), (P)lastic, (P)hotons, (P)reciptiation/Humidity.

Although I am a collector of philatelic stamps, all the information that is presented here applies to other paper based collectibles, including: art prints, baseball cards, and comics.

I understand that many of you will want to disbelieve some of my conclusions, however, over time, if you choose to do your own independent research, you will find that I am at least on the right track.

I also understand that some of you old timers may be beyond help, but those new to collecting will hopefully be more open to the visual photographic evidence that will be presented on this site as it grows.

For those of you that are social media savvy, I encourage you to share and post any information you may find of interest here with others, via either the Facebook or Twitter buttons.

Perhaps, we together, will be able to motivate a new generation of collectors to provide their  paper based charges with a little bit more respect/care and/or to  motivate them to protect their collections from the start of their collecting  experience, not toward the end.



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