Pianos are complex and large instruments, which is commonly associated with a costly price tag. Because of this, the market for second-hand pianos is basically larger compared to markets for new pianos. Though they won’t similarly be in an optimal condition, purchasing a used piano actually have several benefits that you can consider. To know more about this, read this article until the end. 

Several options 

Instead of investing in a brand-new piano, why won’t you think about getting a second hand one? Compared to the limited piano options given by manufacturers nowadays, the market of used pianos is way more unique and more massive. You can even get models that are limited or antique if you get lucky.  

Children and pianos 

Typically, children easily get tired of a particular thing. Meaning, they normally have short attention spans. Hence, if you’re planning to buy a piano for your kids, a used piano would be perfect. Apart from the fact that it’s way more affordable, the thought of your kid damaging a used piano would be more comforting and less terrifying as a parent.  

You’re new to pianos 

When you’ve recently discovered and interested in pianos, you’ll surely get the urge to learn how to play this wonderful instrument. If this is the case, it would be a safe bet to buy a used piano. After some time, you might realize that you’re not actually into the act of playing the piano just as you thought at first. If you’ve purchased a second-hand piano, it won’t be such a waste not to use it and it’ll only slightly dent your bank savings and wallet.  


Since pianos require long hours and complexity for it to manufacture, they have an extremely hefty price tag. Commonly, upright pianos cost several thousands of dollars while the bigger grand pianos can cost even up to tens of thousands. If you have a restriction when it comes to budget, perhaps the price can be a major issue. Fortunately, you can always consider buying a used piano as it’s much more affordable, making it cost-effective.  

Piano as investment 

Due to its costly price, you can consider the piano as a great investment. If a piano has a high craftmanship degree or is of older age, it can be a one-of-a-kind piano all around the world. As a result, its value will greatly increase. Unlike vehicles, pianos are intended to be stationary most of the time. Plus, it’s less prone to different conditions and weathering. Because of this, pianos can normally retain their monetary value or end up in depreciation’s low rates. However, for you to really keep it in optimal condition, you need to use piano tuning Spokane WA service regularly. This is also one way of making sure that you can use it seamlessly whenever you want to. And if you want to resell it one day, you can still get a decent return on investment because you’ve maintained it well.