Are you planning to purchase a second-hand piano? If so, here are the following factors you should consider to get a highly satisfactory piano despite not being brand new: 

Piano brand 

First, you should head to a local retail store and try playing different piano brands until you can determine which one feels right as you use it. Remember that in terms of choosing a piano brand, touch is a vital factor. If you can spot one, add it to your list. Then, try to ask somebody in the store to play the piano for you. Carefully listen to it since each piano is a distinct work of art and has a unique sound and tone. Choose a brand that’s highly appealing to your ears. Once you’ve listed your main brand options, go online, and look for private sellers and stores of used pianos. 

The direct seller or retail store 

If you’ve got the money, do not hesitate to purchase a piano from a retail store as this can help you save time since you won’t have to go from one home to another to inspect the unit. Aside from that, you can guarantee that the piano has been maintained well. Plus, your purchase comes with free delivery and a warranty. But, when you have a limited budget and you have more time to use, you can always resort to purchasing one from a direct seller who can offer it to you at a lower price tag. Once you take your time, you can wind up buying a properly maintained used piano.  

Kind of piano 

Pianos come in 2 kinds—vertical (spinet and uprights), and horizontal (grand). Your choice will be according to the space your house can cater for the piano and your budget. The grand/horizontal piano would require a bigger budget and a large space. On the other hand, the uprights will be priced way cheaper and would fit in smaller rooms. Though you need to remember that the bigger the piano, the better it will sound. So, it would be highly recommended to go for the largest piano that your budget and space can potentially accommodate.  

Check the unit 

If you want to guarantee that you won’t wind up spending beyond the tag price from a retail store, make sure to meticulously check the piano. Here are the key points that you should check in a piano: 

  • Pedals and keyboards – You can check whether all the keys are still intact by playing all of them. Then, come back up once you touch them. Do not forget to check if the pedals work as well by checking them.  
  • Body – inspect the piano’s casing and guarantee that it’s still in optimal condition, 
  • Soundboard, hammer, and strings – These are the major parts of piano tone. Once it’s out of tune, make sure to inspect each part’s condition. When you only require a bit of piano tuning Santa Rosa CA service and to change some parts, then it’s manageable to get it back in shape.