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Paper Based Collection Preservation Care Tips 5-6 | Avoid Exposure to High Humidity

Care tips 5-6 summarize how to protect your stamps, baseball cards, comic books and other art from exposure to (P)recipitation/Humidity. Care Tip 5. If you choose to encapsulate or encase (slab) your baseball cards, comic books or stamps, you should do so with the understanding that a harmful “micro-climate” may become formed within the encapsulating plastic or glass material that is used. The sealed environment that is formed within such encasements/slabs can under many conditions accelerate harmful chemical processes that are inherent to the organic matter that your paper based rarities and collectibles are made from. If you choose to slab your stamps, comics or baseball cards, always ensure that they are provided with a means by which they can be regularly ventilated. Care Tip 6. Store and display your comic, baseball card, and stamp and philatelic collections under as steady an environmental condition as possible, preferably at about 68 degrees F and between 30-55 % relative humidity (RH).  Just as when you encapsulate a stamp or other collectible, if you choose to store them in a stamp album or other container, the container should be periodically ventilated to avoid mold and moisture formation. For more information about the harmful effects of humidity, our posts by the tag “humidity”.  

Paper Based Collection Preservation Care Tips 7-9

Use the final care tips 7-9 to preserve, protect and maintain your art collections for you grand children to enjoy. Care Tip 7. Store and display your comic, baseball card, art, philatelic, and stamp collections in as pollutant or pollution free environment as possible (i.e. sans smog, cigarette smoke, ozone, incense …) Care Tip 8. For stamps, minimize, and preferably eliminate, exposure of your stamps to the residues of watermark fluids, cleaning fluids, tap water, archival sprays and other chemistry experiments you may be tempted to deliberately or inadvertently perform on them. Use of these common used stamp procedures WILL leave residues that cause degrading reactions that over time WILL build up and WILL damage your philatelic and stamp collections.  Did you know that for every sale of a valuable or rare stamp, the stamp will have been dipped in a water mark fluid by its prospective buyer (which can number in upwards of 10 soakings per auction). Over the life of such a stamp, the stamp will have been exposed to the chemicals in the watermarking fluid hundreds it not thousands of times !!! Care Tip 9. Keep in mind that all paper based collections are fragile art; treat your stamps and philatelic collections as you would the Mona Lisa. Will failure to follow tips 1-9 affect the future value of your baseball card, comic book, stamp or art collection?  Sort our posts using the tags, “light”, “plastic”, “paper”, “humidity” to learn more.  

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