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Most Valuable Art? 1c British Guiana or Cezanne’s “The Card Players”

If you are on the fence as to what your next art acquisition should be - sit no more! In a world where gold and diamonds are valued by weight, how does rare stamp art stand up to run of the mill ordinary rare art.   Consider Paul Cezanne's "The Card Players", which is estimated to have been sold for upwards of 250 million dollars, whereas the British Guiana 1 cent Magenta stamp  is estimated to gavel in at over 10 million dollars at the auction at Sotheby's on June 17.    How is that possible that this stamp art rarity can be worth more than the most expensive Cezanne?  Well, the approximately 1 sq meter of canvas that "The Card Players" was created on very conservatively weighs no less than 200 grams, whereas the British Guiana 1c Magenta Stamp very conservatively weighs no more than 1 gram.  In other words, the one of a kind stamp rarity  weighs 200 time less than the one of a kind art rarity. Assuming the 1c Magenta stamp sells for 10 million dollars, when the weight value of each is compared, the 1c British Guiana wins and crushes not only the Cezanne, but as well as all other items that have ever been sold at auction by a factor of over 200 times!  In other words, were you to value your purchase the Magenta 1c stamp art and Cezanne art based on price per pound/gm, you should make sure your check book had more than 2 billion dollars (as pronounced by Dr. Evil in Austin Powers) :lol: . All this makes me wonder, is the rare philatelic stamp art market about to explode in value? Update 30 May 2104, just learned about this stamp article at which values the 1c magenta at $US600 billion per kilo.  At $10 million dollars, the British Guiana stamp art is really starting to look like a bargain  !!!!!  

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