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Watch Video of World Record Price for British Guiana 1 cent Magenta Stamp at Sotheby’s

Watch a video of the final hammer come down for the British Guiana 1cent Magenta stamp at the Sotheby's auction in Manhattan on 17 June 2014.  Although the stamp broke the world record for the most expensive stamp ever sold, in view of the pre-auction estimates, the results were a little bit disappointing IMHO.  In any case, I think it will be along time before we will see a single stamp sell for this price, unless the media starts reporting how the real inflation rate is being hidden by the monkeys in the Fed and the Bureau of Statistics to keep people from panicking - remember the late 70's. If you would like to repost the videos below, please :-) do so by linking to this web page rather than the videos themselves. The video below includes the start and end of actual bidding.   The video below includes pre-bidding activities.  

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