In this article, you’ll discover a few things you should take into consideration if you’re planning to purchase a used piano: 

Don’t forget to try it before purchasing one 

If you don’t know how to play the piano, you can always have a friend who plays it to accompany you. You should guarantee that it still works fine. You can do this by letting your friend try it out. Play all keys to ensure that it properly plays and that each key sound has a consistent tone.  

You’re responsible for moving your piano 

If you choose to purchase a piano from a direct seller, you’ll have to consider how you’ll move and transport your piano to your house. An expert piano mover can guarantee that your piano is safely and securely moved without damaging its exterior. Make sure to book for one before you decide to buy the used piano from a direct seller.  

Not all brands are equally made 

As you look for any second-hand piano, you will surely get to see different brands. Similar to electronics and cars, different brands have a different range of quality. Some of the most trusted piano brands include Steinway, Kawai, Baldwin, and Yamaha. Sure, there are other great brands as well. Hence, we highly recommend that you should take some time doing some research about them to determine a specific brand’s quality.  

An acoustic piano lasts for approximately 60 years 

A lot of antique pianos are intriguing and beautiful. But if you are thinking about getting a used piano for your house, you have to be wary of the possible problems that it may have. Though a lot of people expect that pianos improve as it ages, it actually reaches its full peak after about 60 years since pianos are composed of thousands of moving components. As a result, several things tend to wear out and break eventually. Unless an older piano has been totally refurbished and restored, you probably would not like to practice on it since the strings won’t hold their tune any longer.  

Pianos should be regularly maintained and tuned 

If you purchase a piano, except that you’re ultimately responsible for maintaining and keeping it tuned regularly. When you’re living in an area with quite foreseeable seasons, you will need to get your piano tuned in both the spring and fall once the humidity and weather changes because the piano’s wood can be delicate to changes of humidity, which affects the sound and tuning. In the same way, the action in your piano has plenty of felt parts that wear out and swell as time passes by. Once your piano’s felt are worn out, the keys may stick, cause other problems, and alter the key’s action.  

The best resolution to this is to book a piano tuning Albany NY session for about 1 month after your piano arrived in your house. This can help your piano to adjust to the temperature and humidity of its new place.