Tuning a piano is not convenient nor quick all the time. However, they are needed especially if you want to make sure that your instrument will maintain its opstimal condition. If you don’t use your piano for musical reasons anymore, think about how value depends on condition if ever you’re thinking about selling it. Here are some of the major importance of hiring an expert piano tuner Fresno CA regularly and use their services for the betterment of your piano. 

The more you have your piano tuned, the less you’ll need to 

Having your piano tuned regularly can aid to build string “strength.” After some routine piano tuning sessions, you will observe that the pitch does not easily stray more frequently as it usually does before. Though this still depends on the condition of your piano and the approach of the technician. Ideally, you need to get at least 4 tunings every year. 

Piano tuners can let you know about your piano’s issues 

Not all piano problems can be detected by players easily. Hence, getting a certified expert to check your piano regularly can help stop minimal issues from turning into greater damage. However, keep in mind that not all piano technicians are piano tuners and vice versa. Hence, when you want your piano to be thoroughly inspected, look for a piano tuner who’s been trained to deal with piano maintenance.  

Tuning your piano regularly can avoid serious damage 

A piano is a complicated instrument. If one of its components does sub-par, the whole instrument’s quality will be affected. Bad tuning can be a warning sign for another issue. Apart from that, strings that are out of tune are perhaps the most bothersome signs that you need to get your piano an overall tuning up session.  

You can avoid damage as well if you do regular piano tuning. Constant and proper string tension is vital to the health of several delicate piano components—ones that are extremely costly to repair. If you consider having piano tuning, it can definitely help such components to smoothly work together, avoiding harm to and from the pieces near them.  

Routine piano tunings can help you save money 

When it’s already been 2 or more years since the last time you had a piano tuning session, it may need some corrective treatments. To repair extremely bad tuning, here are 2 of the typical methods that the piano experts use: 

  • Double tuning is when an overall and general tuning is done before fine-tuning a piano. The initial tuning is important since the tuning process itself can make weak strings to go out of tune. Meaning, beginning off with fine-tuning your piano would only end up as a waste of time especially if your strings are severely out of tune. 
  • Pitch raising is a pre-tuning procedure that prepares the piano strings to be tuned. If this is improperly performed, this technique can negatively affect the timbre of the piano, compromise the right string vibration, and result in a rattle or twang when the strings have interfered.